Licensed Process Servers by the Nevada Private Investigator’s Licensing Board

License #419, R-2019-03562


  • 1st notice posting: $70.00

  • 3-4 notices posted at same property on same day: $33.00 each

  • 5 or notices posted at same property on same day: $30.00 each

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After receiving your submission, we will complete all necessary paperwork, post an eviction notice on the tenant’s door, appear in court, if needed, and meet with the constable to change your locks!

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IMPORTANT: Late fees cannot be more than 5% of the total rent due each period (per Nevada law effective July 2019).
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After you submit this eviction form, leave the rest to us! Our team will immediately begin processing your eviction and will communicate with you every step of the way.

Step 1: We will post an official notice on your tenant’s door demanding rental payment (or other reason).

Fee: $70.00

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