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Why use Leavitt Eviction Experts?

Dealing with evicting a tenant on your own can be very stressful, not to mention costly and time-consuming. There are many rules and regulations for properly evicting a tenant that must be followed.

Even making just one small error, and the eviction will be completely voided by the court, causing unnecessary delays in evicting your tenant.

Leavitt Eviction Experts will handle the entire eviction process for you — from start to finish!

This includes:

  • completing and filing all necessary paperwork

  • posting the eviction on your tenant’s door

  • going to court and speaking to the judge on your behalf, and

  • meeting with the constable and changing your locks! 

What Is A 5 Day Pay Or Quit Eviction Notice?

As a landlord it’s just a matter of time before you must use a 5 Day Pay or Quit Eviction Notice to evict your non-paying problem tenant. So what is the purpose of this type of eviction notice in Clark County Nevada and how does it work?The “Nitty Gritty” of a 5 Day...

5 Day Eviction Notice to Quit for Unlawful Detainer

For most evictions, including the Clark County evictions, the 5 day eviction notice to quit for unlawful detainer is usually the last step to an eviction. An unlawful detainer notice is usually given when you occupancy of a property as a tenant has been deemed...

5 Day Eviction Notice to Quit for Tenancy at Will

To some of you, a tenancy at will may look like a sumptuous deal but it is not until when the landlord will come calling that you will realize that this is one of the worst tenancy options you can have. It may take a lot of reasons and explaining to terminate a normal...

3 Day Notice to Quit Following Sale

Sale of a property is one of the many reasons that may lead to a termination of a leasing agreement. With evictions in Clark County this may call for a 3 day notice to quit following sale to be served. Since the owner of the property has legal rights over it even...

3 Day Notice to Quit for Subletting

Tenants in Las Vegas, NV who illegally sublet can be served a 3 Day Notice to Quit for Subletting and be legally evicted. These conditions and proceedings of a subletting issue between a landlord and tenant can be found under chapter 40 of the Nevada state...

3 Day Notice to Quit for Drug Violation

If a tenant brings illegal substances onto a premises they can be served a 3 Day Notice to Quit for Drug Violation according to eviction laws. The landlord will always try their best to exonerate themselves from situations that can lead to lawsuits hence the provision...

3 Day Notice to Quit for Assigning

Another eviction tactic for landlords may include a 3 Day Notice to Quit for Assigning. The Nevada eviction laws allow a landlord to evict a tenant for any action that goes against the leasing agreement. In case one of the conditions stated that a tenant cannot assign...

3 Day Notice to Quit for Nuisance

Many situations are cause for a 3 Day Notice to Quit for Nuisance in terms of evicting tenants. In Las Vegas, NV there are many instances where this eviction notice is used by landlords of rental properties. There is nobody who rejoices in living in nuisance. A...

5 Day Notice to Perform Lease Condition or Quit

The 5 Day Notice to Perform Lease Condition or Quit is found under NRS 40.2516 which generally talks about repossessing of the leased property after failure to comply with the conditions of a lease. Many Las Vegas evictions deal with this exact scenario. Most...

Las Vegas Justice Court Rules

For a system that is meant to bring law and order to the society, there is nothing that would be worse than having the system itself and the place where these matters are to be carried being disorderly. Las Vegas Justice Court rules and other Justice Court proceedings...