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Sale of a property is one of the many reasons that may lead to a termination of a leasing agreement. With evictions in Clark County this may call for a 3 day notice to quit following sale to be served. Since the owner of the property has legal rights over it even after leasing it out, they have the right to use it in transaction of any businesses deemed legal up to and including sale of the property itself.

As a landlord, sale of a property gives you a right to start Las Vegas legal eviction proceedings for your tenant. This is applicable to all the towns and cities under the state of Nevada. There are many reasons that can lead to such a sudden sell of property by the owner. In most cases a sale of property is an organized activity although there may be instances where the owner maybe arm-twisted to do it hurriedly and out of their will.

For most of the planned sells, a landlord will most probably give you a hint of the eventual sell of a property. If this is the case, the tenant will have no excuses when finally the notice is served since you were expected to have prepared yourself for this. A sale does not have to necessarily warrant a notice to quit. There are some cases where the tenant will be untouched by the sell agreement. This are cases where the new landlord agrees to continue with the tenancy as it was with the old landlord. It is important that the tenant be notified of the change in ownership and any other conditions that may affect their tenancy. A change in ownership may lead to an introduction of new conditions which the tenant has to agree to adhere to.

There are legal proceedings that can be followed in each of these circumstances which will give the tenant a window to respond to whichever changes they are expected to face any time within their leasing period.

In case the new landlord does not wish to continue with tenancy as it was with the previous owner, the original owner will then have to serve his tenants with a 3 day notice to quit following saleEviction services of this nature are ALWAYS MANDATORY in order to legally evict a tenant in Nevada after ownership change. The number one reason for such a notice has been due to a foreclosure. This is something which happens not only in Nevada, but also in several other states too.

A foreclosure is a process by which the rights given to a homeowner to own the property are withdrawn as a result of failure to comply with the mortgage terms (i.e. failure to pay mortgage). Usually, a homeowner is given some time to pay the outstanding balances that will give them full ownership of a property. Depending on the mortgage terms, a homeowner will be given a certain amount of time to clear their debts, if they are unable to do so, they have a chance to redeem themselves via a short sale.

The last option is a foreclosure auction or handing over the ownership to the lending institution. Any of this situations warrants the owner of the property to serve their tenants with a notice to vacate the premises as a result of sell if they had leased it out. For additional information on Las Vegas Evictions and the entire process visit the Clark County Nevada Constable.