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Note: Per Nevada law, effective July 2019: This notice must be posted by a licensed process server, constable, or attorney only. Landlords cannot post these notices themselves.

So what is the purpose of this type of eviction notice in Clark County Nevada and how does it work?

The “Nitty Gritty” of a 7 Day Pay or Quit Eviction Notice

In basic terms you’ll need this notice for a tenant who isn’t paying their rent on time. How soon can this notice be posted? It can be used as soon as the next day after payment is actually due or the following day after whatever grace period the tenant may have according to the rental lease agreement. When it comes to evictions in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas of Clark County this is the most common notice used to get the ball rolling and eventually get the tenants out of the property…legally!

Now here’s the kicker on this process…as a landlord if the tenant sees the 7 day pay or quit and offers full payment of rent you have to legally accept and can no longer go forward with the eviction process. Payment must be full otherwise you can move ahead with evicting them with the next step of the process.