The 5 Day Notice to Perform Lease Condition or Quit is found under NRS 40.2516 which generally talks about repossessing of the leased property after failure to comply with the conditions of a lease.

Many Las Vegas evictions deal with this exact scenario. Most agreements will always have conditions attached to them and leasing agreements are not any different. These conditions can be made with different underlying reasons.

Whatever reasons that maybe under any lease conditions, it is always an honorable thing to respect the conditions and go according to them failure to which the landlord has the right to serve you with such a notice which can lead to an eviction.

To avoid such a situation, you have always been advised to look keenly at the terms and conditions in each agreement before putting pen to paper. If it is not clear to you, you can seek the help of the other party to explain the terms better for your own sake. For some serious agreements, the involvement of your lawyer will be unavoidable. If it doesn’t suit you it would be better to look for a better deal rather than going against the set conditions.

In some cases where going against the set conditions is inevitable, you can consult your landlord or whoever you are getting in an agreement with to amend the conditions. Most conditions are bargain-able and you can easily find a way of working out things easily in a way that won’t call for legal action against you.

There are several options that you can take that will save you the legal tussle but whatever path you decide to take make sure that it is all arranged before you get into an agreement because this is a legally abiding document and as long as you are in an agreement, the terms and conditions apply.

If you have managed to bargain for a change to some terms and conditions, ensure that the change has been affected before you sign the agreement. Once effected, a 5 day perform or quit notice gives you only 5 days to conform to the lease conditions. If this will not be possible within the stipulated time, the landlord has a right to evict you from the said property.

The notice will always stipulate the lease conditions that have been violated. If the tenant cannot cure the lease agreement in the said time, the landlord will serve another notice to evict the tenant since their stay is now termed unlawful.

Just like it is with the other Nevada eviction rules, the landlord has no right to restrict the tenant from their property or interrupt any essential services without any court order to do so. As a landlord, it is therefore important to follow the rules to the latter following each step as required. The tenant has a right to seek legal action against you if any of these items come forth.

For peaceful coexistence between the tenant and the landlord it’s important that both of them take their lease agreement conditions seriously. If you are a landlord and have a tenant situation that is cause for a 5 day notice to perform lease condition or quit please contact us today!